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"How Can We Connect You?"

Reasons to Contact us:

Wooden blocks stacked on top of one another to create a house

  • Diapers & wipes

  • Clothing & furniture 

  • Food & formula assistance

  • Utilities assistance

  • Housing assistance

  • Domestic violence, dental, mental health & medical provider referrals

Teacher helping toddler with toy

  • Low-cost licensed childcare centers

  • Low-cost licensed homes

  • Free Early Head Start childcare center (0-3 year olds) *For those who qualify.

To find information on financial support for childcare, please visit the Department of Health and Human Services.

Pregnant mother with son at home

  • Pregnancy support (Positive Options, WIC, On Point Allegan, Early Head Start, 20 Hands, etc.)

  • Age 0-3 support (WIC, On Point Allegan, 20 Hands, Early On, Arcadia Center for OT, etc.)

  • Parents as Teachers home visitation services (Early Head Start, Allegan Area ESA)

Multi-ethnic group of preschool students in class

  • Low-Cost preschool classrooms (3-4 year olds)

  • Free Head Start classrooms (3-4 year olds) *For those who qualify

  • Free GSRP classrooms (4 year olds) *For those who qualify

To see if your child qualifies for free preschool through Head Start or GSRP, please review their income guidelines.

Mom thinking about a question

Specific questions about your child's development.

Please state the specific question you have in our "What is your Question" box at the top of the referral form.​

Mother with son at a doctor's appointment

Agency representatives filling out forms on behalf of families.

*Referrals for Early On and GSRP require additional authorization from parents in order for us to share information back to the referring agency. Please send this form with parent's signature to

Mom with preschooler at home

Agency or caregiver needing to update family information in the system. 

Home visitor chatting to mother with young child

Agencies making an Early On or Build Up referral for a child with possible developmental delay(s).

Please list the following information in our "Referral Notes" box at the top of the referral form.

  1. Early On (age 0-3 years old) or Build Up (3-5 years old) referral

  2. Specific reason for referral (i.e. communication, fine motor, gross motor, social, emotional, problem-solving concerns)

  3. Best time of day we can contact you (Morning, Afternoon, Early Evening)

  4. Any other information we should know about your family, like if your child had an IFSP or IEP.

Feel free to call us at (269) 512-7775